Ebac DD200 Desiccant Dehumidifier

Stainless steel construction is strong and easy to maintain
Automatic modes make operation easier
Convenient ammeter included

Ebac DD200 Desiccant Dehumidifier operates efficiently and provides superior performance in cold and sub-0 temperatures. Top PerformanceThis Top performance dehumidifier is dependable offering Top via-put with minimal effort. Feasting electronic controls, this unit may also be manually or routinely controlled for sustained operation. Cold Compatible Desiccant-taste dehumidification is Highest for low- and sub-0 temperature operation with out compromising potency or performance. Simple to Take care of Chrome steel building signifies that now not most effective this this unit sturdy it is usually Simple to Take care of in relation to cleanliness, maintenance, and phase replacement. Desiccant DehumidificationDesiccant dehunidification uses a water absorbent subject matter to attract moisture from the air quite than standard refrigerant sort dehumidifiers that cool and condense moisture from the air.
Chrome steel building is robust and Simple to Take care of
Automatic modes make operation more uncomplicated
Convenient ammeter included
Operates in low temperatures
Highest for low temperature climates


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