Ebac CD30E Dehumidifier

The unit has an alarm humidistat can be adjusted and preset during the installation process
Dehumidifier is supplied with a complete wall mount and installation kit
An internal humidistat automatically switches on and off to save energy and expense

Ebac CD30E 17-Pint Commercial DehumidifierBuilt with a heavy gauge steel case, the Ebac CD30E 17-pint commercial dehumidifier is the right unit to be used in marine environments or harsh industrial sites, such as mechanical equipment areas, pipe galleries, or pump stations. The unit has an efficient dehumidifying volume of 3,000 cubic feet and offers both permanent installation or free-standing use for quick transport between job sites or troublesome areas. The compact size also makes this appliance fit for heavy-duty home use in crawl spaces or basements.Commercial dehumidifying17 pint day by day moisture removealCovers 1,000 square feetVoltage Free RemoteFor added convenience in operation, the Ebac CD30E 17-pint commercial dehumidifier features a voltage-free remote and alarm connector. Designed for rugged commercial and insdustrial settings and even residential crawl spaces, this dehumidifier could also be convenient as you’ll operate it remotely.Concealed HumidistatA built-in humidistat is concealed for protection and lets you adjust and deal with your own preference of dryness. For complete humidity regulate, an alarm alerts you to hostile levels of humidity, so you’ll make the adjustments you want.Special Features IncludeAuto defrostConcealed humidistatPreset humidity regulate all the way through installationIndustrial strength heavy gauge steel casingDefrosting FeatureThe Ebac CD30E 17-pint commercial dehumidifier has a unique “hot gas” defrost feature to mechanically melt front buildup away and keep components in just right operating condition. This selection makes this dehumidifier a versatile choice for low ambient tempertaure areas.Wall Mounting BracketWhether you are a business owner or dehumidifying specialist, you’ll safely install this unit the use of the convenient wall mounting and installation kit. The whole thing you want is included to make installation effortless. Desire a portable unit? You might be covered. This unit is made for job sites and more.
The unit has an alarm humidistat will also be adjusted and preset all the way through the installation process
Dehumidifier is provided with an entire wall mount and installation kit
An internal humidistat mechanically switches off and on to save lots of energy and expense
Machine could also be ideal for home owners with crawl spaces way to the compact size
Do away with more than 17 pints under 80° F and 60% relative humidity operation conditions


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