Dry-Packs 10 by 20-Inch Mylar Moisture Barrier Zipper Seal Recloseable Bag

Recloseable bag allows for bag to be heat/vacuum seal and zipper seal closed
One of the best moisture resistant bags on the market
Extreme protection for your valuables by using the best moisture resistant recloseable bag available on the market

Our dry-packs moisture barrier baggage with static defensive are produced from more than one layers of metalized polyester and dissipative polyethylene. The versatile construction makes it’s simple to vacuum seal and is recloseable with a in-built zipper. Our moisture barrier and static defensive recloseable baggage are Probably the most superior moisture resistant baggage within the trade.
Recloseable bag lets in for bag to be warmth/vacuum seal and zipper seal closed
Probably the most perfect moisture resistant baggage available on the market
Excessive coverage on your valuables via the use of the most efficient moisture resistant recloseable bag to be had available on the market
Fight mildew, mold, corrosion and rust use bag with a silica gel packet for final mositure regulate
Superior dry-packs logo, perfect high quality moisture barrier baggage merchandise available on the market


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