Doheny’s 5′ x 10′ (Two 2.5 x 10 Panels) Space Saver Solar Heating Collector

Save Big Money On Utilities
Heats up to an Extra 15 Degrees
Easy Installation

Consider heating your pool 10 to 15 degrees with out the use of an oz of electricity or gas. How? With our pool solar panel systems for above-ground pools! This ENERGY & MONEY SAVING solar pool system collects the sun’s rays and converts them to warmth and helps to keep your pool comfortably heat. Smartly well worth the investment, our pool solar panels enable years of long-term savings. Going ?green? hasn’t ever been better for the planet, or your base line. Very best of all, they easily install in keeping with your existing swimming pool pump and gear, and are proven protected and effective by over 300,000 glad pool homeowners. Our pool solar panels also include a 5-year warranty. While you install the light-weight, polypropylene solar collector in spaces that get full sun some of the day, the pool water circulates via solar channels and returns in your pool nice and heat. Fittings settle for flexible pool hose but may also be adapted to rigid PVC pipe.
Save Big Cash On Utilities
Heats as much as an Extra 15 Degrees
Simple Installation
Roof or Board Mounting Choices