Dobinsons 4×4 140 AMP Dual Battery Wiring Kit with LCD Voltage Monitor and Automatic Solenoid

13.3V cut in, 12.8V cut out, Ignition Protected
Includes all hardware, 5m (15ft) cables
Reversible LCD Display screen for upside down mounting, if desired

This is an entire dual battery kit (with out battery tray) which supplies automatic voltage sensitive battery isolation during the relay equipped. It’s ignition Secure, includes all installation hardware, generous 5 meter (15ft) long cables to hide rear mounted batteries, reversible Visual display unit for overhead & foot neatly mounting, and dual voltage display monitor with backlit LCD screen displaying both battery readings concurrently.

This is a perfect kit for the ones 4×4 homeowners who have added numerous further 12V accessories on their vehicles, and want to split the burden across 2 batteries. This kit includes the whole thing you’re going to want electronically, however it is important to supply your individual 2nd battery mount.

The complete kit incorporates:

140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Isolator

5m (15ft) Heavy Duty Red and Black Cables

10m (30ft) of Split Conduit

Dual-Display LCD Voltage Monitor

2 x Battery Terminals

6 x Cable Lugs and Warmth Shrink

Mounting Screws and Crimping Lugs

13.3V cut in, 12.8V cut out, Ignition Secure
Includes all hardware, 5m (15ft) cables
Reversible LCD Visual display unit for the other way up mounting, if desired
Presentations both battery readings concurrently
Appropriate for 4×4’s, Trucks, Vans, Trailers