Diamond Group 65102 White 15″ Utility Daylight LED Strip

700 lumens
Strip light

State-of-the-art LED utility gentle strip that gives an implausible 700 lumens of sunshine output per strip. Nice for changing 12-15-inch fluorescent bulbs or adding further gentle in any space. Direct cord 12 volt machine comes with mounting brackets, screws, and 3M adhesive backing for simple deploy. Fast connect plugs permit each strips to be hooked up on one energy supply. Accommodates surge coverage for energy flux problems and RF suppressors to verify no interference. Product will have to be straight away stressed to energy supply and no longer hooked up to ballast. Saves forty% energy draw. 550 Kelvin. Sunlight White. 700 lumens per strip – general gentle 1400 lumens.
700 lumens
Strip gentle


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