Derale 13950 Atomic-Cool Remote Cooler

Mounts anywhere space permits
Electric fan supplies optimum airflow
Dramatically extends engine and transmission life

A step up from Tube and Fin kind coolers, this in style remote cooler can actually be fastened virtually any place, making it a well-liked addition for efficiency automobiles, hot rods, muscle automobiles and vehicles. A heavy duty plate and fin cooler coupled with a Tornado fan and aluminum brackets, this kit comes with an entire installation kit to put in simply on all cars with five/sixteen inch or 3/8 inch transmission cooler strains. Additionally included is an 180 level F in-line thermostat for activating the electrical fan. The Atomic-Cool is designed for heavy duty towing and hauling, and will add years to the lifetime of your transmission.
Mounts any place area allows
Electrical fan provides optimum airflow
Dramatically extends engine and transmission existence
Prime potency OEM taste plate and fin cooler


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