DampRid FG91 Easy-Fill System Any Room Moisture Absorber

Easy fill system is perfect for any room moisture absorbsion
Prevents mold and mildew stains
Locking lid and anti-spill design

DampRid Moisture Absorber Products
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Easy- Fill- System
About DampRid

Indoor air that is as fresh, clean, dry and odor free as the great outdoors — that is what DampRid products have been providing to homeowners for more than seventy years. And unlike sprays and candles, DampRid doesn’t just mask odors, it gets rid of them. DampRid is the all-natural way to soak up excess moisture within the air that may cause stale air, musty odors and damage your household possessions. DampRid’s crystals absorb the moisture within the air to create and take care of the optimal humidity level in your house, cabin, boat, and car— or wherever moisture is an issue. DampRid has numerous products to meet the individual needs and preferences of customers. New DampRid AirScapes is available in attractive decorative containers and is ideal for living rooms, circle of relatives rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, any room where you wish to have a gorgeous solution to musty odors. DampRid Hanging Moisture Absorbers are perfect for freshening closets, laundry rooms, basements and more. Our disposable moisture absorbers are easy to set up and easy to do away with for the ultimate in convenience. DampRid refillable products offer the easiest combination of performance and economy. And we also offer Odor Genie, a powerful and convenient pack that employs a solid gel to soak up and get rid of odors caused by smoke, pets, cooking, grease, food, bathroom, diapers, trash and so a lot more! If you are searching for a natural way to freshen indoor air and get rid of household odors, you’ll be able to find DampRid products in retail stores, and right here at our online store.

DampRid Easy-Fill-System

Looking for a classy design? Our refillable Easy-Fill System is the appropriate choice for offices, kitchens, entry/mud rooms, or laundry rooms. There are Any Room and Large Room sizes to choose between.

There’s A DampRid For Each and every Room In Your Home.

All-natural DampRid attracts and traps excess moisture, getting rid of – not just covering up – musty odors, leaving at the back of cleaner, fresher, dryer air. And, since excess moisture can form anywhere indoors – from the attic down to the basement – you’ll find a DampRid product that’s ideal for Each and every room in your house.

Eliminate Excess Moisture and Musty Odors with DampRid
  • Creates Fresher Cleaner Air
  • Traps Excess Moisture
  • Eliminates Musty Odors
  • Delivers a pleasant smell to help in making your own home smell fresh

Easy fill system is perfect for any room moisture absorbsion
Prevents mold and mildew stains
Locking lid and anti-spill design
Great for clothes closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, garages, boats and more
A way to get rid of musty odors for long periods of time





















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