Cynder 00664 Refrigerator Screen Insect Rodent Bug Mud Dauber Wasp Dometic Refers

Fits Dometic Refrigerators
Easy to Install
Keeps out intrusive insects, rodents, and birds

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Dust daubers, wasp nest, birds, and rodents threaten critical harm in your RV fridge. Getting into thru vents and openings, those and different pests lead to intensive harm through development nests that intervene with air waft out and in of your RV fridge. Save you pricey damages and offer protection to your useful investment through putting in and buying Cynder’s Trojan horse Displays.
Suits Dometic Refrigerators
Simple to Set up
Assists in keeping out intrusive insects, rodents, and birds
3 %
Measures 20″ x 1.five”