CURT 45822 Weld-On Sway Control Tab

Weld to either side of a ball mount to use without weight distribution
Left or Right handed Sway Control use
5/8″ Ball Hole Diameter

A Weld-on Sway Tab may also be welded to all sides of a ball mount so Sway Keep an eye on can be utilized with out weight distribution. There’s no drilled required with this product, that’s used with a Sway Keep an eye on unit to lend a hand scale back lateral actions of the trailer as a result of wind. CURT is proud to mention this product is made in the united states and features a Restricted three hundred and sixty five days guaranty to authentic buyer.
Weld to all sides of a ball mount to make use of with out weight distribution
Left or Proper passed Sway Keep an eye on use
five/eight” Ball Hollow Diameter
Restricted to Ball Mount Capability
Sturdy powder coat end


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