CURT 45090 Class III 2″ Ball Mount

Fits 2″ Receivers
8″ Drop, 6″ Rise, 11-1/2″ Length
1″ Ball Hole Diameter

CURT Ball Mounts are a step above the remaining. CURT has invested within the generation essential to provide a whole line of exceptionally sturdy and tasty balls mounts. The road of ball mounts is automatically welded to verify correct, consistent cuts and blank, sturdy weld strains. As soon as welded, those mounts go through a procedure that creates a perfect floor for the applying of extremely Sturdy CURT powder coat end.
Suits 2″ Receivers
8″ Drop, 6″ Upward thrust, eleven-1/2″ Period
1″ Ball Hollow Diameter
Drop: 5000 lbs GTW/500 lbs TW, Upward thrust: 3500 lbs GTW/350 lbs TW
Sturdy powder coat end


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