CURT 13245 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

Made with a vehicle-specific design for a custom fit
Tested for safety in accordance with SAE J684
Precisely welded for superior strength and fit

The CURT class 3 trailer hitch is the commonest form of trailer hitch installed on full-size pickup trucks and SUVs. It’s also found on full-size cars, crossover SUVs, minivans and mid-size trucks. That may be since the class 3 packs the punch of a heavyweight hitch at the same time as still staying light on its feet. This CURT class 3 hitch offers a gross trailer weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. and a comparable tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs. It’s designed to be a custom-have compatibility trailer hitch for certain years of the Jeep Liberty (to make sure your vehicle compatibility, see the CURT application guide at It includes a round tube frame and is derived with all important hardware for an entire installation.The two” x 2″ receiver tube opening of this class 3 hitch is in a position to settle for a hitch-mounted accessory, such as a bike rack or cargo carrier, or a ball mount to tow such a lot usual size trailers, including utility trailers, single-horse livestock trailers, boat trailers and big campers. One special feature concerning the class 3 That may be no longer found in classes 1 or 2 is its compatibility with a weight distribution hitch. When utilized in combination with a WD hitch, this class 3’s gross trailer weight capacity increases to 7,500 lbs. and the tongue weight capacity to 750 lbs. (NOTE: Never exceed the lowest weight capacity of any towing component).CURT class 3 trailer hitches are engineered to be strong and capable, having a quality steel frame and a high-quality finish. They’re put through strenuous trying out before being deemed in a position for market and include two coatings — a liquid Bonderite coating and a powder coat in high-gloss black — that cure in combination to form a strong resistance against rust, scratching, UV damage and other wear. Our hitches are our pride, and as such, we back them up with a limited lifetime warranty and a one-year finish warranty.
Made with a vehicle-specific design for a custom have compatibility
Tested for safety in keeping with SAE J684
Precisely welded for superior strength and have compatibility
Constructed with a sleek, round-tube main body
Safe by a durable high-gloss black powder coat finish