Culina Magnetic Knife Holder 12″ Wall-Mount

12″x2″ magnetic bar. Easy mount, comes with wall anchors and screws.
Strong magnetic hold. Comfortably and safely fit kitchen knives and shears or any metallic (garden, garage or )tool
100% Culina Satisfaction Guarantee

Are you searching for an effective option to save space and securely organize knives and other metal tools floating around the home? Are you bored with your dust-catching old knife block taking up valuable countertop real estate? Culina 12″ Magnetic Knife and Tool Holder is the solution to all knife storage gripes of past. A very easy wall-mounted approach to comfortably and safely have compatibility knives and scissors at the same time as nicely complementing your kitchen décor.

Strong magnetic hold power, built to last Culina 12″ magnetic bar boasts a easy, no-nonsense design: two powerful magnetic bands run through an outstanding yet lightweight birch color 12″x2″ wood able to soundly affix to a wall over your countertop, on a tight corner or anywhere you please. It is built to last and will provide a life-time service.

The magnets’ power grip guarantees a strong hold for kitchen shears or all size knives (from the granny parer to the butcher knife.)

Suited to utilitarian, professional or home day by day use, our magnetic bar can accommodate a full set of knives even keeping a comfortable room between every item. Large or small the tools may not move until you touch them again and peel off the rack nicely when lifted from the knife’s care for.

Easy mount, space efficient, secure storage solution Users with limited counter space will appreciate trading cumbersome and awkward storage with a cleaner, more secure look. Culina magnetic rack comes with wall anchors and screws to simply mount anywhere you would like. It is Simple to join on a wall, a cabinet (lightweight enough that it may not add stress to hinges and overall structure,) a tool/garden shed, a garage or RV, just get creative about it! You’re going to be please together with your Culina Magnetic Knife &Tool Holder’s appearance and functionality.

A competitive value and superior quality make it accessible to all budgets, it makes a very good gift for a housewarming or any occasion you see have compatibility!

12″x2″ magnetic bar. Simple mount, comes with wall anchors and screws.
Strong magnetic hold. Comfortably and safely have compatibility kitchen knives and shears or any metallic (garden, garage or )tool
one hundred% Culina Satisfaction Guarantee

















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