Cotek SD3500-112 3500W, 12VDC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Rating Power: 3500 Watts Peak Power (For 3 Seconds): 4500 Watts Surge Power (For < .2 Seconds): 6000 Watts Waveform: Pure Sine Wave Potency: ninety% Output Voltage (At rated Volts DC): one hundred/110/115/a hundred and twenty Volts AC +-3% Selectable Output Frequency: 50/60 Hz Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 3% (At rated / Volts DC, linear load) DC Voltage: 12 Volts DC Voltage Vary: 10~sixteen Volts DC No load power Consumption: At 12 Volts DC On Mode @ Save Mode: 1.4 Amps On Mode @ No Load Mode: < 2.9 Amps Fuse: 40 Amps x 12 AC Vary: one hundred/110/115/a hundred and twenty Volts AC +-12.five% Frequency Selectable: 50/60 Hz Synchronous Frequency: forty seven-fifty seven / fifty three-sixty three Circuit Breaker: 35 Amps Transfer Switch: Optional STS Mode: < 4ms | Usual ATS: Inverter to utility AC: 8~10ms Working Temperature: -four° to one hundred forty° F (-20° to 60° C) Storage Temperature: -forty° to 158° F (-forty° to 70° C) Safety Standards: Certified UL 458 EMC Standards: Certified FCC Elegance B LED Indicator: Input voltage level, output load, and faulty standing Remote Regulate: CR-6, CR-8, and CR-10 Cooling: Load and thermal Regulate fan. Twin GFCI shops and terminal block for hardwiring Parallel redundancy design for power enlargement A couple of business applications that create power systems Automatic master mechanism to do away with single point Failure and optimize reliability Built-in ATS and AC circuit breaker Optional STS Module, transfer time not up to 4ms RS-232 communication Input and Output totally isolation Output voltage and gear saving mode selectable Input protection: Reverse Polarity (Fuse) / Underneath voltage/Over Output protection: Short Circuit/Overload/Over Temperature/Over Voltage BAT.Low Alarm +-3%: 10.5 Volts DC BAT.Low Close-down +-3%: 10 Volts DC BAT.Low Restart +-3%: 12.5 Volts DC BAT.Prime Alarm +-3%: 15.5 Volts DC BAT.Prime Close-down +-3%: 16 Volts DC BAT.Prime Restart +-3%: 15 Volts DC Safety Standards Certified: UL, FCC, CE, E13 Dimensions (WxHxD): 11.four" x 5.1" x 19.five" (283mm x 128.4mm x 496mm) Weight: 22 lbs (10 kgs) [amz_corss_sell asin="B00MH4O1CU"]


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