Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Cover

Why leave your air conditioner to clog-up when these Covers are so reasonably priced? Turns out the longer a work of kit is left unused the more issues it has. However these sturdy Covers stay your air-con unit from gumming up with mud and debris at the same time as in storage or another time it isn’t getting used. Assists in keeping leaves and mud from your air conditioner; Cuts down on drafts; Heavy-duty jersey-subsidized vinyl with contrasting welt twine trim and parachute drawcord for a custom have compatibility; Strengthened nylon thread for weatherproof, non-tearable seams. For perfect have compatibility, to find the your fashion or measure your air conditioner’s shroud. Order ONLINE Nowadays! State Colour. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Different Air Conditioner Covers – word search in our Retailer for ‘Air Conditioner Covers’. Coleman Mach I, II, III, TSR Models (Excluding #7100); Size (in.) – 26 half of x 12 x 42









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