Charles 93-IXFMR7/5T-A Transformer

Totally isolates your boat from doable shore facet hazards. Protects onboard electric equipment and electronics. Removes the desire for galvanic isolators and corrects reverse polarity deleting the desire for alarms. Corrects and resolves dockside AC power problems, permitting continued power in your boat’s electric system Inherently suppresses quite a lot of interference/harmonics from the jetty’s AC power system with a kind of barrier known as the “static defend.” Removes the desire for reverse polarity sensing circuit breakers and indicators by as it should be polarizing the onboard AC power which resolves reverse polarity Removes the hazard of connecting to an unknown and/or foreign shore power sources Removes stray current galvanic corrosion which prevents injury to thru hull fittings, outdrives, drive shafts, struts, propeller and trim tabs Removes the desire for a galvanic isolator and a standing monitor Removes the desire for AC ELCI/RCD sensing breakers Constructed of light-weight, corrosion-resistant powder coated aluminum Inbuilt terminal block and two position installation choices for simple wiring Key hold slots permit for simple installation Rugged corrosion resistant elements for years of hassle-free use within the marine setting Ignition secure Meets all ABYC and USCG standards Totally-encapsulated elements and transformer windings Full current sporting defend per ABYC E-11 Product Sort: 7.5KVA Input Current: 32/16 Amps Input voltage: 240V Frequency: 50/60Hz Output Current: 32 Amps Output voltage: 110/220V UL & cUL listed Strain Relief:97-001120-A Installation kit 97-ISOKIT6-A is optional $59.00