Camp Time Roll-a-Stool

Stool Size: 19 in. high, 15 in. triangular.
Folded Size: 26.5 x 3 in.
Stool Weight: 1 lb. 7 oz.

The Camp Time Roll-a-Stool has a seat top of 19 inches which enhances the sitting top for Roll-A-Desk and so much same old top tables. Produced from 3 layers of robust polyester material organized to do away with seat sag.Adjustable shoulder strap and closure buckle..
Stool Dimension: 19 in. top, 15 in. triangular.
Folded Dimension: 26.5 x 3 in.
Stool Weight: 1 lb. 7 oz..
Capability: 250 lbs.
Body: Aluminum 1 in. diameter legs.


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