Camco 39432 C-Do 2 Clear 45 Degree Hose Adapter Sewer Fitting

See-through hose adapter allows you to see when RV sewer system is clean
Break-resistant polycarbonate
45 degree angled adapter

Camco RV C-Do 2 Transparent 45 Level Hose Adapter Sewer Installing is a see-via hose adapter which is helping to grasp if the RV sewer device is blank. This adapter is constructed the usage of Holiday-resistant polycarbonate. It includes a 45 Level angled Installing which supplies more space to attach sewer hose to Installing in tight RV underneath cupboard space.
See-via hose adapter lets you see while RV sewer device is blank
Holiday-resistant polycarbonate
45 Level angled adapter
Simple to put in
Accepts three” diameter sewer hoses


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