Caldwell Stable Table

Stable table fetures 360 degree rotation and a weatherproof synthetic top.
Includes removable cleaning forks that allows the Stable Table to serve as a cleaning station as well as shooting table.

The Caldwell Strong Desk Moveable Capturing Bench is designed from the bottom up. This bench includes a tri-pod base, powerful metal body and completely sized Desk best. Tri-pod options fewer joints and tighter connections to attenuate wobble and the recessed Desk best will grasp ammo packing containers, binoculars and different equipment with out concern of them rolling off onto the bottom. Padded seat is adjustable in peak and all of the bundle weighs lower than 50 lbs.
Strong Desk fetures 360 stage rotation and a weatherproof artificial best.
Contains detachable cleaning forks that permits the Strong Desk to function a cleaning station in addition to Capturing Desk.


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