Browning Camping Double Barrel Portable Table

Double level allows top level to be open for food and games
Buckles at each corner to offer quick setup; Buckles allow user to adjust the tautness
Realtree Xtra HD fabric; Four built-in beverage holders

If you’re searching for a table that’s fast and simple to set up, has room on your drinks and still room for games, and is light-weight the Double Barrel is the only for you. You merely buckle the straps at every corner and adjust them to permit the tautness that you simply prefer. Since there are two layers, the lower level has 4 inbuilt beverage holders so you don’t have to fret about your drinks getting knocked over even as you’re eating or taking part in games and the highest level is flat on your different activities. There’s not more being concerned about your drinks spilling to your cards or being in the best way of a fast moving game. When it’s time to move home, unlatch the buckles, and slide the table into the included elevate bag and you’re set on your next outing.
Double level lets in most sensible level to be open for food and games
Buckles at every corner to provide fast setup; Buckles permit user to regulate the tautness
Realtree Xtra HD cloth; Four built-in beverage holders
Dimensions: 27″ (W) x 27″ (L) x 26″ (H); Weight: 6 pounds
Includes 7″ x 37″ shoulder elevate bag


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