BMW e60 e92 Gasket Engine Oil Cooler to Filter Housing e61 e70 e82 e85 e89 e90

Gasket Engine Oil Cooler to Oil Filter Housing
Brand NEW part with full 1 year warranty.
BMW part# 11 42 7 525 335, check fit below.

This phase suits:
Exx: (suits years) : Style: note
e60: 2006-2007: 525xi
e60: 2004-2007: 525i N52
e60: 2008-2008: 528xi
e60: 2009-2009: 528i xDrive
e60: 2008-2009: 528i
e60: 2006-2007: 530xi
e60: 2004-2007: 530i N52
e60: 2008-2008: 535xi
e60: 2009-2009: 535i xDrive
e60: 2008-2009: 535i

e61: 2006-2007: 530XiT
e61: 2008-2009: 535xiT
e61: 2009-2010: 535i xDrive Wagon

e70: 2007-2008: X5 3.0si
e70: 2009-2009: X5 xDrive30i
e70: 2011-2011: X5 xDrive35i

e71: 2008-2009: X6 xDrive35i

e82: 2008-2009: 128i
e82: 2008-2009: 135i

e83: 2007-2008: X3 3.0si
e83: 2009-2009: X3 xDrive30i

e85: 2003-2008: Z4 3.0i: N52
e85: 2006-2008: Z4 3.0si

e86: 2006-2008: Z4 3.0si Coupe

e88: 2008-2009: 135i Conv

e89: 2009-2010: Z4 sDrive30i
e89: 2009-2010: Z4 sDrive35i

e90: 2007-2008: 335xi
e90: 2009-2011: 335i xDrive
e90: 2007-2011: 335i

e92: 2008-2008: 335xi Coupe
e92: 2007-2011: 335i Coupe
e92: 2009-2011: 335i xDrive Coupe
e92: 2011-2011: 335is Coupe

e93: 2007-2011: 335i Conv
e93: 2011-2011: 335is Conv

f01: 2011-2011: 740i

f02: 2011-2011: 740Li

f10: 2011-2011: 528i
f10: 2011-2011: 535i xDrive
f10: 2011-2011: 535i
Gasket Engine Oil Cooler to Oil Filter out Housing
Emblem NEW phase with complete 1 12 months guaranty.
BMW phase# 11 42 7 525 335, take a look at are compatible beneath.
Authentic BMW phase, not too long ago made: no longer been mendacity round.
Please see FITMENT CHART beneath, beneath PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. E-mail us your VIN for any questions.


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