Black RV Awning Shade Net Complete Kit 8 x 10 RV Awning Shade Kit

Blocks the sun but not your view
Gives you daytime privacy
Adds an “extra” room to your RV

Shade the vast majority of the world beneath your awning – the smart & easy manner! And, create a fab, at ease and personal patio – with the smallest investment of time, effort and money! Our Awning Sunglasses are so popular because they supply a easy, cost effective approach to expand your private RV living area. With an Awning Shade in place, your existing patio awning all of sudden becomes the basis for an entire new room. This right away and dramatically increases your private living area – and you’ll see out but others cannot see in! Slips temporarily and simply into your awning’s utility slot with the included same old awning light hangers. An Simple, cost effective manner so as to add shade and privacy in your patio. Building up your living area with out a large number of cost!

Kit Includes:

– Awning Shade internet

– Spiral Hooks to Attach into Ground

– Bungee Balls to Connect Awning to Spiral Hooks

– Awning Hooks to Attach Shade into Awning’s Utility Slot

8FT X 10FT
Blocks the sun but no longer your view
Will provide you with daytime privacy
Adds an “extra” room in your RV
Blocks 80% of the sun’s harmful rays
Heavy duty grommets in-built for superior durability













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