Black Box Foaminator 115 Smart Foam Sprayer (Air Powered)

Turns soapy liquids into shaving cream like foam
Boosts cleaning power by increasing dwell time of soaps
Viton seals for superb chemical resistance

Black Box introduces their line of Foaminator Brand of foam sprayers and liquid sprayers. These units are top of the range components and use Viton seals for the maximum in reliability. Foaming offers some unique advantages over a sponge when applying Black Box soaps or another brand of soap or degreaser. It is regularly in comparison to shaving cream in texture. Why It Works The benefit is that it literally sits in your car’s finish, without running or dripping off, at the same time as the soap works to loosen dirt and grime. The foam gives the soap’s surfactant more time to scale back friction and surface tension of the dirt, water spots and other trouble spots, in addition to lubricating the skin for an easier washing experience. Once you’ve gotten left it on for a reasonable time, you’ll be able to regularly simply just spray it off and wash the dirt off with the foam, without ever having to the touch your car. (The standard of the wax finish in your car might impact whether you’ll be able to wash the car this easily.) Most cars will still require a bit of of light washing with a soft cloth. An added benefit is that the lubrication greatly reduces the risk of scratching the paint or creating swirls at the finish. Why It Works Better Than A “Foam Cannon” The ease of setup and speed are why most of the people prefer our Foaminator units. You do not need to hook up a hose and get wet, a consideration when the weather isn’t warm. On our Foaminator 20, all a detail shop has to do is hook up an air hose and go. With a 5-50 gallon capacity the units go a long way with the usage of so much less product than you can the usage of a “Foam Cannon”. Also, cleaning the awnings on a RV is easier for the reason that foam sticks to the bottom of any awning and you do not need to fret about damaging the awning with the water pressure from the “Foam Cannon”
Turns soapy liquids into shaving cream like foam
Boosts cleaning power by increasing dwell time of soaps
Viton seals for excellent chemical resistance
Great for cleaning you car, RV, motorcycle and even semi truck. Also great for cleaning RV awnings
Runs on compressed air: Minimum 40-80 psi (3-5 bar) with 5-10 CFM (141-283 l/min)















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