Atwood 80491 Remote Camper Jack, (Set of 4)

Set of 4 Remote Jacks. Colour: Polar White. *To arrange Wireless Remote Jacks you should order the 15-0855 jacks and the 15-0859 Wireless Remote Kit which contains microprocessor unit, antenna, wall switch, hand held remote and cable between processor and turn. Brackets sold one after the other. Atwood has raised the criteria for camper jacks with a design that surpasses hydraulic jacks in performance, regulate and reliability. Utilizing a recirculating ball bearing design, this jack allows speedy, safe positioning of your camper and is engineered in order that the jack can not amendment position unless operated. No seal disasters or fluid leaks to fret about. The natural circular motion to lift or lower the jack is quicker and more efficient, and the huge footpads add stability, particularly in cushy ground. The Ball Screw Jacks, sold in a suite of 4, use the similar mounting pattern as hydraulic jack brackets, and are offered in Pure White end. To be had in manual, electrical switched or wireless remote electrical operation. Capability is 2200 lbs per jack, with a system Capability of 3900 lbs for 4 jacks.