AMC / Jeep Water Pump Pulley, 304, 360 & 401 V-Belt

AMC Jeep Pulley Kit, V-belt
Made in the USA from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
Designed specifically for 1972+ American Motors Engines

Billet Aluminum Water Pump Pulley for AMC/ Jeep / AMX engines.

Exhausting to seek out Billet Aluminum Underdrive Pulleys for AMC / AMX / Jeep 304, 360 & 401 engines 1972 and later (four bolt crank).
Made in america on CNC lathes at extremely top speeds for an incredible floor end and a just about completely balanced pulley.

1) AMC and Jeep Engines 1976 and later (four bolt crank)

Water Pump Pulley
Grooves: 3
Pulley Diameter: 6.2″
Pilot Diameter: 0.625″
General Period: 2.7″
AMC Jeep Pulley Equipment, V-belt
Made in america from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
Designed particularly for 1972+ American Vehicles Engines
6.2″ Diameter and 2.7″ General Period
3 Grooves


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