AIMS Power (PWRI8K22050) 8000W 220V AC 50 Hz Inverter

8000W max continuous modified sine power
Volt and amp meter
Dual ac receptacle universal

This energy inverter is a real workhorse, this 220 50hz energy inverter is able to handling 8000 watts continuous. This energy inverter is designed to be used in Africa and Europe on a 12 volt system. You’ll handiest to find an African energy inverter, Ecu energy inverter or an Australian energy inverter of this high quality, particularly at this value. You’ll use this 8000 energy inverter to back up energy for your corporation or to energy your off-grid area or retailer. In case you are searching for an 8kw energy inverter to make use of in Africa, that is the appropriate product for you. This unit is built through AIMS and is of the best quality. The surge capacity of this inverter is 16000 watts for 40ms. This 220volt 50hz energy inverter has an immediate connect AC output terminal and 3 universal 220v shops. You’ll additionally screen battery voltage and wattage output at the AC facet of this energy inverter.
8000W max continuous changed sine energy
Volt and amp meter
Twin ac receptacle universal
AC direct connect terminal block
Single cooling fan operation


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