AIMS Power MP30A 30 Amp Solar Charge Controller, 20 Piece (Master Pack)

Selectable for both 12 volts and 24 volts
2 state charging
LCD display – voltage and current

This item is a 20 piece master % of the AIMS Energy 30 amp PWM sun rate controller, scc30a. The AIMS 30 amp sun rate controller is perfect for smaller sun Arrays and DIY projects. This rate controller is in a position to handling 400 watts value of sun panels for a 12V battery bank and 800 watts at 24V DC. The rate controller comes with a virtual show with selectable amperage or voltage monitoring. Its small dimension method mounting choices are limitless. At just below 7 half inches by way of 5 inches, this sun rate controller can are compatible within the tightest of confines, making it simple to mount in a car, on a ship, in a cabin or wherever you deem are compatible. The rate controller is provided with sun over-current coverage, restricting the volume of voltage dropped at the batteries to their respective voltage limits. It additionally comes with reverse polarity coverage, quick circuit coverage and prime temperature coverage.
Selectable for each 12 volts and 24 volts
2 state charging
LCD show – voltage and current
LED show – Energy, charging, glide, reverse polarity, coverage
Gel or lead acid batteries