AIMS Power 1500 Watt Power Inverter w/ 10 Amp Charger & Automatic Transfer Switch

1500W max continuous modified sine power
Transfer switch automatically switches when city power is lost
10A battery charger runs when AC power is present

Do you want an influence inverter to provide back up power for your own home or an inverter charger in your RV or boat? The AIMS 1500 watt changed sine power inverter with in-built charger and Switch transfer is designed to fulfill your back up or mobile power inverter wishes. The unit is a 1500 watt power inverter, with a 12 volt dc input. This inverter charger has a in-built Switch transfer which lets you plug this inverter into a normal ac outlet in your house, while the ability is going out, this power inverter mechanically switches to run off of your battery bank. The charger that’s built into this power inverter outputs 10 dc amps of regulated rate to stay your batteries full, so while the ability is going out they’re able to provide power to this back up power inverter. The commonest use for this changed sine inverter charger is to back up small basement sump pumps. This unit is built to last and has been designed with sump pumps in mind. AIMS power has produced this unit for almost a decade and this is a very top of the range power inverter charger.
1500W max continuous changed sine power
Switch transfer mechanically switches while town power is lost
10A battery charger runs while AC power is provide
AC cable included to hook up with shore power
Single cooling fan operation