96″ x 2″ Auto Car Trailer Hauler Axle Ratchet Strap Hook Tie-Down

Secures vehicles to an auto hauler or auto trailer bed
Nylon Webbing: 6,000 lb. Break Strength, 2,000 lb. Working Load
Ratchet: 11,000 lb. Break Strength, 4,000 lb. Working Load

Tie down automobiles by the use of the axle with axle tie down straps from Cut price Ramps. Those distinctive straps have a loop layout with protecting sleeve to wrap round car axles for securing to trailers for shipping. The straps are 2″ Extensive x eight’ lengthy. Nylon Webbing: 6,000 lb. Holiday Energy with 2,000 lb. Operating Load. Ratchet: 11,000 lb. Holiday Energy with 4,000 lb. Operating Load.

Secures automobiles to an car hauler or car trailer mattress
Nylon Webbing: 6,000 lb. Holiday Energy, 2,000 lb. Operating Load
Ratchet: 11,000 lb. Holiday Energy, 4,000 lb. Operating Load
Bolstered zinc covered snap-hook ends
Extensive-deal with commercial Energy ratchet