87308650 Water Pump Fits Ford

$9.95 FLAT RATE SHIPPING. No matter what and how many you order.
Please read descriptions carefully before ordering.
All parts come with one year of manufacturer’s warranty. You can shop comportably.

QUANTITY YOU WILL RECEIVE:1. PART NO: 87308650. Water pump meeting with pulley and mounting o-ring. For Cummins ISC collection engines. Tractors: MX210, MX215, MX230, MX240, MX245, MX255, MX270, MX275, MX285, MX305, MAGNUM 215, MAGNUM 245, MAGNUM 275, MAGNUM 305, MAGNUM 335, STX275, STX280, STX325, STX330, STX380, STX380QT, STX430, STX430QT, STEIGER 330, STEIGER 335, STEIGER 380, STEIGER 385, STEIGER 385QT, STEIGER 430, STEIGER 435, STEIGER 435QT, STEIGER 485. Replaces J804927.. Weight (lb) – 5.75
$nine.95 FLAT RATE SHIPPING. It doesn’t matter what and what number of you order.
Please learn descriptions moderately ahead of ordering.
All portions include three hundred and sixty five days of producer’s guaranty. You’ll store comportably.


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