8 Pack 3/8″ 20′ G70 Tow Chain Tie Down Binder Flat With Grade 70 Hooks

8 Grade 70 Transport Chains 3/8″
Each 20′ Chain has 2 3/8″ Clevis Hooks on each end
6600 lbs Work Load Limit

  • BRAND NEW lot of 8 Every Commercial Truck Tie down Chains.

  • Grade 70/System 7 3/8″ x 20′ Long with Grade 70 Clevis Grasp hook on both ends.

  • Standard short link chain. This chain has the industry same old short links that fatigue less, last more and supply more hooking points to your binders and hooks.

  • These are the D.O.T. same old for all major transportation fleets in america and Canada. **Compare all chain before you purchase, there’s a difference and your so much safety is dependent upon it!

  • System 7 Grade 70 chain was once designed for shipment securement, binding, towing and construction use. Often known as Transport Chain, it averages a 20% upper load rating than Prime Take a look at chain (S-4). Induction warmth treated, the chain meets all requirements set forth by the DOT / CVSA / CHP for truck tie down use. Yellow zinc finish is same old on chain. These chains have a Working Load Prohibit of 6,600 lbs with a design factor of four:1. Minimum breaking strength is 26,400 lbs. WARNING: Don’t exceed WLL (working load Prohibit) for any chain, tie down or shipment keep an eye on device.

  • Not approved for overhead lifting. New Federal and State D.O.T. rules effective January 1, 2004 require motor carriers to modify the best way they use shipment securement devices. Please take a look at along with your States D.O.T. place of job in regard to those changes.

  • This lot of 2 chains might be shipped from our Atlanta primarily based warehouse

8 Grade 70 Transport Chains 3/8″
Every 20′ Chain has 2 3/8″ Clevis Hooks on Every end
6600 lbs Work Load Prohibit
Meets DOT and CVSA Specifications