6 Pack 3/8″ 20′ G70 Tow Chain Tie Down Binder Flat With Grade 70 Hooks

6 Grade 70 Transport Chains 3/8″
Each 20′ Chain has 2 3/8″ Clevis Hooks on each end
6600 lbs Work Load Limit

  • BRAND NEW lot of 6 Every Commercial Truck Tie down Chains.

  • Grade 70/System 7 3/8″ x 20′ Long with Grade 70 Clevis Snatch hook on both ends.

  • Standard short link chain. This chain has the industry same old short links that fatigue less, last more and supply more hooking points in your binders and hooks.

  • These are the D.O.T. same old for all major transportation fleets in america and Canada. **Compare all chain before you purchase, there’s a difference and your quite a bit safety is dependent upon it!

  • System 7 Grade 70 chain was once designed for shipment securement, binding, towing and construction use. Also known as Transport Chain, it averages a 20% upper load rating than Prime Take a look at chain (S-4). Induction warmth treated, the chain meets all requirements set forth by the DOT / CVSA / CHP for truck tie down use. Yellow zinc finish is same old on chain. These chains have a Working Load Prohibit of 6,600 lbs with a design factor of four:1. Minimum breaking strength is 26,400 lbs. WARNING: Don’t exceed WLL (working load Prohibit) for any chain, tie down or shipment keep watch over device.

  • Not approved for overhead lifting. New Federal and State D.O.T. rules effective January 1, 2004 require motor carriers to switch the way in which they use shipment securement devices. Please take a look at together with your States D.O.T. workplace in regard to those changes.

  • This lot of 2 chains can be shipped from our Atlanta primarily based warehouse

6 Grade 70 Transport Chains 3/8″
Every 20′ Chain has 2 3/8″ Clevis Hooks on Every end
6600 lbs Work Load Prohibit
Meets DOT and CVSA Specifications