5000 Watt 200AH Solar Generator & (2) 100 Watt Solar Panels

5000 Watt Peak Solar Generator & Two 100 Watt Solar Panels
(2) 100 Watt Solar Panels Have 25 Year Warranty
200 amp hour battery bank for long run time

Purchase Before 12/31 & It Qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit score. This 5000 Watt Top/2500 Watt Continuous Sun Generator has a 200ah battery bank and is best for properties & residences. It may be used interior as it has no noise or fumes. The unit is best for backup energy in any emergency or blackout. Nice for tenting and outside occasions too! Comes with two 100 watt Sun panels and 30 ft of Sun cable for connecting the panel to the unit. Offered through BePreparedSolar.com *As a result of weight, the generator and battery will send one after the other. Merely place batteries within and fix two units of wires.
5000 Watt Top Sun Generator & Two 100 Watt Sun Panels
(2) 100 Watt Sun Panels Have 25 Year Guaranty
200 amp hour battery bank for long term time
30 amp Price Controller For Rapid, Dependable Charging
Rugged & Moveable Case


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