15″ Triple Fan Deluxe RV Refrigerator Evaporator Fan w/ LED light & Grill

Made in USA
one year warranty
LED Lights

Assists in keeping your RV refrigerator frost free. Work with any style RV Refrigerator. Simple install with just one cord DC connection wanted. Most often will hook up with interior gentle or slide fan lead throughout the drain tube to make the DC connection on the back aspect. Very low amp draw. Makes the interior a good coldest best to bottom. Lets in refrigerator to get cold quicker. Means that you can decrease the thermostat environment number and still care for cold temps. Takes up no house when connected to fins. Fan frame size is 15 3/four x 4 3/sixteen inches and only one/2 inch thick.
Made in USA
three hundred and sixty five days guaranty
LED Lighting
Powder Lined
3 Ball Bearing Fans