rv wheel covers

Do you need wheel covers for your RV?

RVs no matter if you are a part timer, full timer or just a weekend user are a large investment that can payoff with long term savings compared to more expensive vacationing. That being said you have to maintain your RV along the way unlike  traveling by plane or staying in a hotel.

This maintenance if left undone can really cut into the cost saving benefits overtime. The easiest way to have something go wrong with your RV may be counter intuitive to most. A combination of being left outside and a lack of use can lead to many problems with your setup and especially your tires.

The constant sun exposure dries out the tire and can lead to severe cracking on the inside of the tires. This is particularly dangerous as most of the cracks form where you can not see them and a simple kick test will not expose the problems under the top layer.

Wheel covers may seem like overkill especially when you see them on a big rig that does not have a cover. Seems strange to only cover the wheels right? Well that RV owner has probably fallen victim to the dry cracking problem before.

While we recommend a great RV cover to protect the entire RV from the elements in the off season or when not use we really recommend tire covers as they not only maintain the value and longevity of your tires but even more so they keep your tires in a safer environment.

Fitting wheel covers is pretty simple. You measure the height of the tire and then search for that size. The materials are usually pretty similar but some just go over the wheel while other higher quality RV wheel covers zip up to prevent rain and wildlife from eroding the tires.