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4 Things to Consider When Buying a Used RV

Buying a used RV is a great way to save money on an already huge investment. Think about it. You are buying house on wheels! It makes sense to be prepared for the search. Here is our checklist for things to consider when buying a used RV. Some even apply for purchasing a new RV as well.


This is actually a pretty complex issue that used RV experts tend to debate. A low mileage older RV can actually be in worse condition than a high mileage RV. Why? Well RVs that sit for long periods of time can develop problems with their engines, parts and especially their tires. An active RV, one with many miles, has probably been taken care of as the owner has had to drive it. So the owner is more likely to keep things up to date and repair items as needed.


There are so many different resources and purchasing options nowadays that simply did not exist 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. A simple search on Google will get you competitive pricing for so you can be more informed when visiting a dealership. Sites like RV Trader even allow you to skip the middleman and purchase the RV straight from the seller.


The condition is not really the only thing age determines when buying a used RV. Some RV parks do not allow RVs that are over 10 years old. This can make finding a place to stay very cumbersome when planning a trip. Keep this in mind if you plan on visiting many different locations.


RVs, especially ones that are older or have sat unused, are greatly affected by the elements. Think about it. They often sit outside getting pelted by mother weather all year round. When searching for used RVs be sure to ask how the RV was stored. Even more importantly ask where the RV spent the majority of its time. Was it by the ocean or maybe in the rainy Pacific Northwest? All of these weather factors can impact the condition.

In conclusion, purchasing a RV whether it be used or new is a big commitment. It is important to make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s so you know you end with a great RV that will bring good times ahead.

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