3 Ways to keep your RV cool in the summer

Rving is a passion for most owners and that passion usually kicks into high gear during the summer months when you can manage to get a few weeks vacation and the kids are out of school. You hit the open road and then you realize that you have to keep the RV cool all the time or you will be in a sweat box with 3 kids who just won’t stop saying “are we there yet”? Sound familiar?

Keeping your RV cool in the summer will help prevent both mental and physical breakdowns, reduce the likelyhood of mildew buildup and make your trip more enjoyable.

Here are 3 ways to keep your RV cool in the summer:

Park in the shade. Sounds simple enough but this could involve getting to your destination earlier to get prime parking or having to walk further when at business parking lots. Either way if you plan ahead or put in a little work you can avoid the sun fully beating down on your RV and raising the temperature in the summer.

Monitor your voltage usage when plugged in or using solar panels in the summer with a digital voltometer. Often times the voltage can fluctuate during the summer when other RVers are running their A/C full blast. Be sure to monitor the voltage meter and if things look bad turn off the hooked up appliances when not in use to avoid any problems.

To keep your RV as cool as possible cook all meals outside and open the door as little as possible. This combo will prevent cold air from escaping and appliances from creating heat inside the RV. We recommend using an outdoor cooking ranges and if you are really into cooking there are great portable oven setups that can easily fit in the rig.

With these 3 tips you can keep cool and roll on with your summer RV adventures!